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Replacement Parts You May Need For Your Meat Display Case As A Butcher

If you own a butcher shop, you likely hold much of your wares in a display case. When customers walk into your butcher shop, the meat display case is a bit like the crown jewel of your operation. Therefore, making sure your refrigerated display case is always functional is ever-important. To deter problems with downtimes for repairs or while waiting on parts for your commercial appliance, having a few case parts on hand can be a good idea. Here are a few replacement parts you may need. 

Display Case Fans 

In order for your meat display case to properly circulate cool air throughout the unit, the appliance does normally have a series of fans. The number of fans your specific display case has can vary depending on the model and the size of the case. However, even if one fan goes out, the outage can affect the uniformity of temperature throughout the case. Replacing fans in your case is usually as simple as removing a cover, unplugging the old fan, dismounting it by detaching hardware, and then installing the new unit. 

Display Case Thermostat

Thermostats can be positioned in a few different places inside of your butcher shop meat case. These thermostats monitor the internal temperature of the case so you can get quick readings and keep tabs on food safety in the process. The typical thermostat will consist of a thermostat and a wire that leads to a display screen or other system. Amid restocking your case or cleaning the display, causing damage to the thermostat can be easy to do. Having one of these case parts on hand for a quick replacement can be especially valuable; you won't have to look for alternative temping methods while waiting for a replacement. 

Display Case Door Shocks 

If you have glass doors that close and open over your meat display, these doors do tend to be outfitted with shocks. The shocks are directly responsible for allowing the door to close and open in a smooth manner so the door does not get damaged in the process. If you open and close your meat case display regularly, the door shocks can sustain a lot of wear and tear. Therefore, these case parts do sometimes have to be replaced. You can find quite a few universal models available, but sticking with door shocks specifically made for your case can be best. Most shocks are specifically designed to support the weighted load of the door of that model. 

For more information about case parts for your refrigerated display case, contact a local seller.